Colorado's best gun store offers exclusive rifles, ammunition and class 3 firearms.

Why choose us for your goto gun and firearm store in Boulder, CO? You’ll be surprised…

To begin with, we have hard to find, exclusive items in our store. You really can only get them here with us because we have distribution rights to many firearm manufacturers. We’ve built relationships with people all over the nation and have guns you can’t find anywhere else. This network of rare and sought after firearms is a result of my decades in this business. So if you like to see items you won’t see at every other place in town, stop on in because we have all that and more, even class 3 items.

Speaking of class 3 firearms here in Golden, when there is that rare piece such as a Scar, H&K or Tavor rifle, our distributors call us first because they know we’ll take it. We have the full line of Daniel Defense AR-15’s, our own long range Ruger Precision Suppressed Rifle and many others from Sig Sauer, Glock, FN and Smith & Wesson. 

Our gun store is also just a fun place to visit because of all the eye candy. We have collectors guns, historical firearms like our gatlin gun, full auto tommy guns and many more that are available for our corporate training or private party machine gun shoots. You can see all we have to offer all over social media and youtube as well.

PRICE is another big factor, especially with the huge chain stores out there. And if you want a regular gun I can see you’d consider that. But we’ve price shopped around and we find our prices often BEAT all the other competitors out there, including the big boys. Online is close, but by the time you pay for a transfer at a local shop, we’re lower there, too. This is how we’ve built up our thousands and thousands of repeat customers. They come for our unique selection and great prices, then return for their conceal carry permit, ammo and to expand their surplus. For a smaller store, we have the most bang for your buck in the state.

I mentioned ammo above, yes we have LOTS of ammunution in stock. Come by our “ammo bar” and when no one else has .22 LR, we do. Plus 38 acp, 9mm, 40 S&@, 45 acp, .223, 5.56, .308, and much more. Plus we have it in BULK. You can grab 1,000 round cases to stock up on or some specialty ammo where self defense is the priority.

Need a Holster? Gun Safe? Suppressors? Scopes? Red Dots? Rail Systems? Triggers? Uppers or Lowers? For all the varieties of guns we have in our Golden, CO location, we have even more accessories and gun parts for you to fully customize your firearms. Even a gunsmith to help you out with the assembly if needed. Why not customize your gun and outfit it with the items that will personalize it best to what your exact needs are, which you can pick out here in our store. 

Every month we also have a conceal carry class, for you to pickup your colorado concealed carry permit. Unlike most ‘hotel’ classes or ‘big shop’ courses that only last a few hours, plan on spending a day with us. You don’t want to skimp on this very important training. After a full day with our expert staff, we even take you out to the range for you to test your new knowledge and clear your way to quickly and easily getting your permit.

Last, but not least, we offer a full-auto, machine gun shooting ‘tour’ for private and corporate events. You can create a great bonding experience for yourself and your team, as well as build in some helpful lessons with a ton of fun at the same time. If you’d like to schedule a 3, 5 or even 10 gun (plus belt fed) event, simply call us. We’ll reserve the time and hold our location in the foothills for your group. Any special requests such as catering, can be easily accomodated. 

So there you have it, half a dozen reasons why we literally are your go-to firearms store for guns, rifles, ammo, and more in Golden, Colorado. Come meet our experienced staff who have decades and decades of experience and are happy to take the time to answer any questions you may have on any and all items in our store, and then some. As either a new or experienced shooter, you’ll be glad you did.

Stop by our gun store in Denver and see what we’ve got to offer because you’ll be glad you did.

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This was the best legal fun money can buy!

Jason C.

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