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38Some of our most popular ones are 1911’s.

Revolvers are some of my favorite because they’re point and shoot simple.

We’ve got a HUGE selection of semi-automatic pistols too, including:

Incredibe Sig Sauers,

Amazing Rugers and the ever dependable Glock.

Handguns are divided into three primary categories. Revolver, Semiautomatic Pistol or Semiauto, and Other. The revolver houses its ammunition in a cylinder that turns in alignment with the barrel before firing. These are further distinguished as Single Action and Double Action, commonly abbreviated as SA and DA. Single action revolvers, like those cowboys of the Old West, carried, require the hammer to be manually pulled back before the trigger is pulled each shot. A loading gate flips down at the rear to allow loading one cartridge at a time. Empties are ejected through the same opening. Double Actions operate in single action mode, or by just pulling the trigger directly, cocking back and releasing the hammer in one motion. Double action triggers demand more effort to fire because of this. Standard capacity is 6 or 5 rounds, though 7 and eight shot models are made. The entire cylinder swings out, supported on the crane. Doing so allows all chambers to be emptied at once. With a device called a Speedloader they can be filled with cartridges quickly, or one at a time. The iconic Smith and Wesson Model 29 of the Dirty Harry movies is a double action. Double action revolvers were popular with law enforcement for over 80 years, now almost entirely replaced by semiautos.

The semiautomatic pistol holds the cartridges stacked vertically in a removable sheet metal magazine. Loading is accomplished by inserting the magazine into the bottom of the grip then the slide is pulled back and released to load the first round. When fired, energy from the cartridge operates the action, retracting the slide, ejecting the case, and loading the next round. Referred to as Automatics initially, these guns still only fire one bullet per trigger pull. Some cartridge names harken back to this era such as the .380 ACP or Automatic Colt Pistol. They are Hammer Fired or Striker Fired. Hammer fired, like revolvers are single and double action, unlike revolvers the single action semi auto needs cocked by the shooter or retracting the slide only once. The slide moving back to eject the previous round will cock it for consecutive shots. The most famous single action is the M1911, used by the US military until being replaced by the double action M9. Double actions cock and release the hammer on the first shot like revolvers do but then operate as a standard single action for each shot after that. The Berretta 92FS, modified for service to become the M9, works in double action.

To avoid confusion, some subtypes need to be addressed as well. Almost all double action revolvers are SA/DA, meaning they can be operated in either mode. This remains true for semiautomatics also. However, some do not allow precocking of the hammer. These are called Double Action Only, (DAO) and may include short barreled revolvers with a shroud over the hammer such as Ruger’s LCR, or semi autos such as Sig Sauer 239.

Striker fired pistols do not have a traditional hammer, rather a section of the firing pin is pulled back and kept under spring tension. When the gun fires, this is released and “strikes” the primer firing the gun. Some designs fully cock the striker upon chambering a round and others only do so partially, waiting for the trigger pull to compress the spring and release the striker fully. Both provide very consistent trigger pulls. Most polymer framed pistols are striker fired, but that doesn’t mean all are. Glock series pistols are the most recognizable example of the breed.

The category of other is, of course, all other designs not related to ones already discussed. This list contains 2 shot break action derringers to bolt action target pistols in rifle calibers and other obsolete action types.

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